Intro to the Power of Music: Soundwaves and the Love of Learning

Soundwaves and the Love of Learning

One of the reasons I’ve loved teaching music is because music connects with every subject and content and because of that, it’s easy to “hook” our students into our “special” subject. Connecting music with history has always been very easy to do for me because 1) composer & time periods are in our curriculum and 2) my husband was a social studies teacher. Lately however I’ve been delving more into the science realm with music.  That should be pretty easy to do, right? Afterall, we teach even our youngest of students about high/low, fast/slow and loud/soft sounds, instruments and voices. 

In my classes we typically discuss and learn about soundwaves. Soundwaves are easy to hear but not easy to see so we look at images of soundwaves to see what they can tell us i.e. how high/low an instrument or voice is. Students learn to predict what they will hear based on the visual clues. Sometimes we use rubber bands of different sizes and thickness for a more personal interaction with vibrations. I love observing the sheer amazement on my students faces as they pluck the rubber bands and see/feel them wiggle about. And when we break out the water and vibrations element – LOOK OUT! The shock and surprise of seeing the water move (or particularly if/when someone gets splashed) by placing the tuning fork in a small bowl of water always makes me (as well as them) laugh! And of course, I giggle along with them, as they feel the tickle of the vibrations against their mouths when they blow into a straw and/or paper “reed.” 

It’s moments like this (when I witness my students ponder, reflect, discuss and react in sheer astonishment) that I realize how lucky and privileged I am to teach such a special subject that really “connects” with learners of all types and interests. Music has the power to connect souls and spirits, not just with one another in our classrooms, but with one another all around the world. I hope you travel along with me as I share what I’ve learned with you by revisiting events from my past and share my present and future experiences. This log will contain details of my journey, from “loving all things music” to realizing how much more powerful music can be and is. That music, frequency and tones have the potential and power to heal us all – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Travel along with me as my love for music teaches me how powerful music can be and is.

Music has the power to heal our mind, body and soul.

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