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Like many of you, I know what it is like to teach multiple grade/skill levels. Throughout my career I’ve taught students from K-12. I also recognize the difficulties that can arise when you teach at/in multiple buildings. I once taught at six elementary buildings for a couple years in a row! This means I’ve “been in your shoes” and know how challenging it can be to find and use affordable and fun resources for students at multiple levels and buildings. In addition, I realize some schools and districts don’t and/or won’t use Google apps nor Boom Learning digital task cards. I also realize how times and situations are changing as more and more people turn to homeschooling or online learning. I began this endeavor as a ways/means to create a safe online learning environment for my own students – one that contains engaging and enriching activities. It is for these reasons I now offer these activities, in a membership subscription form, to you.

Who is this for?

•Teachers/homeschoolers who want to provide enriching and engaging music activities for their students

•Teachers/homeschoolers who teach more than one grade level and/or teach in/at more than one building

•Teachers/homeschoolers who want self-checking activities for students

•Teachers/homeschoolers who want their students to take ownership and learn/get immediate feedback for their answers

•Teachers/homeschoolers looking for activities that can be used on Smartboards, Chromebooks and/or tablets (ex. iPads)

•Teachers/homeschoolers looking for no-print activities

•Teachers/homeschoolers who don’t/won’t have access to Google Classroom

•Teachers/homeschoolers who don’t/won’t use Boom Cards

What types of activities will I get or have access to?

The activities themselves are all no-print digital activities. You will have access to…..

1.Drag/Drop Activities – students listen to rhythm or solfege patterns, then drag symbols to build the pattern

2.PPT Style Games that can be played on tablets, computers, laptops, and cell phones (PPT software is not needed)

3.Hotspot Activities – students read the task of what to find, then tap the object

4.Word Search Activities – words automatically get crossed off the list once students find it AND if students play again, the words get re-scrambled onto a new word search

5.Jigsaw Puzzles – students slide the digital puzzle pieces together and can re-scramble and play again

6.Memory Games – students match things such as symbol/definition, term/definition, character/instrument, etc

7.Match the Pairs – students match up pairs of such things as music symbols/definition, term/definition, character/instrument, etc.

8.Sequencing Activities – students arrange and place in sequential order such things as time periods, notes/rests, dynamics and tempos

Examples of Included Activities

Half Note: Summer at the Beach

Half Note Activity

Ta Ti-Ti: Ice Cream Game

Ta-Ti-Ti Activity

So-Mi Activity

Mi-So Activity

What categories or specific content is and will be offered?

Activity Categories

More activities will always be forthcoming….

1.Bass Clef (more coming soon…)

2.Careers (more coming soon…)


4.Form (more coming soon…)

5.Genres/Styles (more coming soon…)

6.Instruments (more coming soon…)

7.Melody/Solfege (So-Mi, So-Mi-La, Pentatonic)

8.Music Symbols (more coming soon…)

9.Rhythm (Ta Ti-Ti, Rest, Half Note, Sixteenth, Ti Tika and Tika Ti)

10.Same/Different (more coming…)

11.Tempo (more coming….)

12.Time Periods/Composers (more coming…)

13.Treble Clef (more coming)

More activities will be added. Get the introductory price now to save money. As more activities are added, the membership price will increase.

Pricing Options

$50 Now Thorough December!

Questions and FAQ's:

How do students access the activities?

With your purchase you get one class account that all your students use to access the activity pages. Think of this website as a digital workbook for your students. The username and password’s purpose is to give students access to the activities. As the teacher, you can facilitate their progress by letting them know which activity to go to. When directing your students or children to the “activities” page use the following link. It will take them directly to the log-in for the activities page. Once there students will not see the rest of this website (Home, About, Blog or Shop). Only the log-in and activity choices.  Membership Page Log-In Link

What platform will students be using?

The activities are housed on this website only. Students log in to this website to access the activities. If/when you purchase access, you will create a class username and password to access all of the activities.

Can I attach the activities to Google Classroom?

These activities were really designed for those who don’t or won’t use Google Classroom. While you can add a link to the log in page, you will need to provide the username/password for your students to access the activities. Keep in mind these activities are to be used for ONLY your own students.

Can the activities be accessed from an iPad?

Yes, these activities can work on tablets and phones though a computer/laptop is most likely the best way to navigate and use the activities.

Can I just purchase activities for one grade level?

No. When you purchase the membership you receive access to ALL grade level activities. This is to allow for differentiation, early finishers, honors-level students, multiple grade level teachers, etc.

Can I just purchase activities for just one grade level?

No. When you purchase the membership you receive access to ALL grade level activities. This is to allow for differentiation, early finishers, honors-level students, multiple grade level teachers, etc.

How many licenses do I need? One license per teacher. The teacher/homeschooler can then use that license with all his/her students and/or classes. If you personally teach at more than one school (yes, there are still travelling music teachers) you can use your membership subscription with ALL of your students for one 365-day subscription period.

How many activities will I and my students have access to?

You and they will have access to ALL activities. More activities (such as holiday-themed) are being constantly being added!

I’m not very technical myself.

No worries! I have provided videos explaining how students can play each type of activity.

Resources for Music
Resources for Music
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Resources for Music
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