Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are Boom Cards?

Boom Cards are digital task cards. They are super fun and engaging for students to learn and work on AND they are self-grading! You can assign the decks to your students by simply making a “Fast Pin.” I’ve included links to several videos about this in the ODF with the download link.

How do I get the Boom Cards into my Boom Learning account?

First you’ll need to sign up for a Boom Learning account (if you don’t already have one). Open the PDF file and click on the download link. The set or deck will automatically be available in your Boom Library.

I don’t have 1:1 tablets or devices in my class so how can I use Boom cards?

Boom Cards work great for whole class instruction on a Smartboard, as a bell-ringer (entrance activity), as a fill-in/review activity at the end of class and/or for early finishers. I’ve even had students “in teams” come up to work and discuss what they think an answer is. It’s a great way to see and hear what they are thinking and hearing and can allow for peer “tutoring.” They can also be used as a center activity (via the Smartboard as well). Lastly, they make great homework, distance learning and “blizzard bag” assignments!

Will Google Slides activities (such as mystery/secret puzzles) work in PowerPoint?

They should work ok in PPT but realize the product is in Google Slides format. Be advised though some students have a more challenging time moving and manipulating things in PPT.

Is this resource editable?

Most resources are not currently editable but those that are are clearly marked as so in the product/title description.

When I tried printing this, it printed a blank page instead.  OR when I tried printing this it made black blocks/lines.

School computers/printers are notorious for this. Sometimes this happens when a computer doesn’t have the latest version of Adobe so make certain you have the latest update. I have also heard that sometimes a school will place certain restrictions on their printers. Talk to your IT or tech person at school about this and explain what happened to you. Hopefully they will be allowed to change the settings so you can print successfully on their printers. Everyone I have heard from having an issue such as this, found that the file printed just fine on their home printer.

Is there a black & white version included?

Most resources contain both color AND black/white printing options. I do my best to indicate in the product descriptions/titles whether only one or both options are included.

Can I use these resources and/or activities on such e-learning websites as Outschool?

Resources listed as PDF files are only meant for in-person (face-to-face) classroom instruction. Digital resources such as Boom Cards and Google Slides Activities may be used with your students through those sites (i.e. Boom account, Google Classroom) as they are in a student password protected site. Membership Activities (on this site) may be used in this manner. While I have purchased the rights to use the various artists’ works for commercial work, it does not cross over to you the buyer. I’m sorry I can’t grant permission right now.

Can I share or give a digital copy of a resource and/or activity to another educator or student teacher?

When you purchase a resource/membership it is for the only the purchaser to use with their personal students. Sharing or giving another adult (i.e. teacher, student teacher) is against the law and is a violation of the copyright law. You can always tell direct them to one of my stores to purchase it for themselves.:)

Can I share a PDF with my students and/ or their parents?

PDF’s are created for the teacher to use in their personal classrooms. It is expected that the teacher will make a paper copy of the desired activity/worksheet and hand it (not an entire PDF file) to their student.

Do I need a Google account to access Google Slides resources?

Yes. You will need a Google account to directly make a copy into your own Google Drive.

Help! It says I made a copy of the Google Slides product but I can’t find it!

If you are like me, you may have more than one account. Make certain you are logged into your school account when downloading. It sounds simple, yet I myself have done this a n=bunch of times myself -LOL!

Not a question but I found a typo…..

Typos and grammar mistakes sometimes get overlooked even after being reviewed numerous times. If you let me know (e-mail me) I would be happy to make any and all corrections. Just let me know the product title and page number so I can post an update. This is one of the things I like best about small companies. I taught for many years with the same mistakes in my textbooks/worksheets. Big companies just don’t make corrections like that available. Small companies such as this one, can easily revise and repost corrected versions for everyone.

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