Tempo Memory Match 2 (Name to Definition) via PowerPoint Show


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This Tempo Memory (Match) Game (set 2) is a great way to introduce and/or review tempos and their names. It also makes a fun game day (aka reward day), center/workstation activity or even one for your sub tub! Students match tempo name to tempo name in this resource. You will need PowerPoint to open and run this PPT Show game (which has a total of 30 games). NOTE: This PPT Show is not compatible with Google Slides and will not run properly. You MUST have PowerPoint.
Included in this resource are:
  • 1 PPT Show
  • 2 “modes – 1 player and 2 players (or 2 teams)
  • Tempo Name to Tempo Definition Match contains 5 levels (games) per mode and 3 rounds or sessions per game/level = 30 total games
Tempos shuffled throughout the games in this set include:
  1. a tempo
  2. accelerando
  3. adagio
  4. allegro
  5. andante
  6. largo
  7. moderato
  8. presto
  9. ritardando
  10. vivace
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