An Intro to Healing Frequencies for the Mind, Body and Spirit

Healing Frequencies for the Mind, Body and Spirit

In my last blog I mentioned how meditation has really helped soothe and calm me and de-stressed my life. The meme I shared was followed by others that just “happened” to find me. Some would say this is a coincidence while others would say it’s based on website or search algorithms.  For me…. there are no coincidences. Another intriguing “meme” popped up that also opened my eyes and mind, followed by yet another.

But where to start? Another popped up. I did no searching. These all found me.

As I say to everyone who knows me…..but what IF it were true?!?! I always try to keep my mind open. For me this often means researching and experimenting. And so I began.

I started by searching on YouTube for 528 hz videos. While students were supposed to be researching or quietly working on something, I had a 528 hz video playing music in the background. I had no idea what might happen. So what did happen? You could feel the atmosphere change in the room. It was much calmer. Students who seemed to have “fuzzy brains” became more focused. And for that one class that always seemed to have “issues” at recess and had trouble “letting go” then brought that energy to our class…..words and actions became kinder. It didn’t matter which video I picked either. Here’s one example…

If this frequency could do this, what about the other frequencies mentioned in the top image? I looked on Amazon and found some music for digital download. One of my favorites was and is DNA Repair by Wizard of Sleep. We play this a lot as we fall asleep. All I can say is, for us, we fall asleep quicker, have a more restorative sleep and seem to feel a general sense of calmness and overall, just feel better.  Aches and pains in my knees, feet and legs have been reduced and, at least for me, I seem to have more energy.  If I forget to set the music up on our sleep timer, my husband will specifically ask for it. So that says a lot right there.

In addition, I found another album called Solfeggio Frequencies (Tibetan Singing Bowls) [Healing Vibration for Cleansing, Meditation or Sleep].I love to listen it to for meditation or to help slow my breathing down, which then brings me a sense of calmness. I’ve even used it when I feel a headache coming on. My personal favorite is the Ocean Waves of Peace.

Remember all my immune system and drug interactions? I no longer use aspirin, Tylenol or ibuprofen for a headache. Instead, I focus on slowing my breathing down.  When I don’t have time for that (i.e. going from one class to another), I use a mixture of peppermint essential oil and fractionated coconut oil. I rub that into my temples and almost instantly the headache goes away. Even my husband (and some teacher friends who have tried it) have been helped by applying this.

Try listening to some 528 hz music or sample the albums and/or songs I mentioned above. See how it helps your students and/or you. And for those intrigued by holistic natural remedies…try the peppermint essential oil/coconut oil mixture the next time you have a headache.

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