Water Crystals Pt. 1: Love & Gratitude

Dr Emoto - Love & Gratitude

I have no idea how things & ideas “find me.” I’ll just say….it’s meant to be. Perhaps you’ve experienced something like this yourself.  One day I happened upon a short video of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s (a researcher of water) “experiment in gratitude.” In the video, Japanese students did an experiment involving tap water from Tokyo. They took a sample of their tap water and looked at it under the microscope. Then they formed a circle around the bottle of water, sent thoughts of gratitude to the water and studied the water under a microscope again. Much to their amazement they began watching the water transform into a beautiful crystal shape. You need to see the results yourself and watch for the reaction of the children.

The video ends abruptly and as I showed it to my students, they began thinking and discussing…….If thoughts and/or prayers of gratitude has the power to transform water….A) how much more nourishing would that water be for our bodies and B) what else could be changed?

This is truly a thought-provoking video. I grew up hearing the saying, “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” But as many of us know, that saying is NOT true.  You may have experienced this yourself and if you’ve been a parent and/or teacher for a couple of years you’ve most likely witnessed a child being crushed by what someone else said – in person or via a form of social media. Words can be devastating, and tragedies can and do happen as a result of words being said or typed.

So, take a moment to think for yourself….would water that was transformed by merely praying silently and saying “thank you” be better for your body? Why or why not? Then stop and think…if tap water could be miraculously transformed and changed, what could/would happen to a pet or a human being if they heard kind words? If someone took the time to say “please” or “thank you…….” What happens when we and they hear negative things? A piece of us gets crushed and hurt. The kindergartners at my school learn how manners are important. They learn this through a song that is sung to the tune of London Bridge is Falling Down. The words go like this… “Please and thank you, I love, I love you, I love you. Please and thank you, I love you. Manners are important.” But what happens after those kindergarten years?!?

Love and gratitude (thoughts, words and actions) have a frequency. They have the power to transform and change – even tap water. Imagine how that can change us, one person or student at a time. Many people believe that 528 hz is “the love frequency.” I mentioned this in my last post.  Try playing music like that for your classes and/or for yourself. There are a ton of videos on YouTube like the one below. See how it affects you and/or your students. And as for Dr. Emoto…..I’ll be sharing more about him next time.

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