Water Crystals Pt. 2: Music for the Soul

Dr Emoto - Music for the Soul

Last time I introduced you to Dr. Emoto’s video regarding an experiment he did at a school with Tokyo tap water and gratitude.  The video was only a minute and a half but was truly a thought-provoking moment in my classes. After I showed my students that video I researched him a little more. And found another super cool video.

In this video you will see snapshots of water from all around the world. In this short video (about 5 minutes) he exposes water to certain words, songs and even photographs! While the video below doesn’t show or tell you, he did take photos of the water prior to this. The results, yet a gain, are amazing. As a music teacher, I of course focused on the water being exposed to the songs, however the other water crystals are stunning and amazing as well. This is the type of thing that requires you to pause the video to really look at the beauty and majesty of each crystal and if possible, view it at full screen.

I did show this to my classes. Did you see and notice what we did? Each crystal was uniquely different and sometimes, depending on the song, words or photo it was exposed to, reflected what it “heard” or “saw” itself.  Again, we noticed how that energy and frequency transformed it. My students were mesmerized as they watched each crystal appear. They started to notice special things in each crystal such as the one shown the photo of elephants. In the middle of that one they saw two elephants (and their trunks) facing one another. I don’t want to spoil it by saying what else they saw. Watch again. What do you see? What do your students see? 

Again, we see with our own eyes what the energy and frequency from the words we choose to say, photos we look at and even music we listen to can do. This reminded me of a science experiment we did in junior high growing plants and exposing them to music. Those exposed to heavy metal music did not grow but those who were exposed to beautiful classic music in a major key did – they flourished! Recently at a class I’m taking, we discussed the healing powers of music. The class ironically had nothing to do with music but everyone there happened to have had or heard about at least one powerful experience involving music. It was even brought up how the military used music (specifically heavy metal) to basically torture people.

If you are a music teacher, take the time to watch the video again and focus on the crystals that developed from specific songs. If you are unfamiliar with them, make some time to listen to John Lennon’s song, Imagine, Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 (which has been my personal favorite symphony of all time), Smetna’s, The Moldau or Tibetan monk sutra music. Your spirit and soul will thank you for it.

And while I’m at….think of what your students are listening to – the rhythms, tempos, modes, genres and especially the lyrics. Does the music they listen to impact their lives? Make them angrier or more likely to make some not-so-good choices? Why is that? Are they being fed musical junk food or healthy food? Shouldn’t we be exposing them to aural beauty? Would or does this make them calmer and happier? As for me, I’m on a mission to share the joy, magical wonderfulness and peace that music has to offer. I choose to build and uplift my students with it, and I hope you do as well. When you think positive, listen to positive words and music, and do kind and positive things, you will find that karma is a beautiful thing. You attract the positive and positive things happen to you as well. Imagine how we can impact the lives of our students…… expose them to music for the health of their minds, bodies and souls.

There are some great videos out there of water crystals being exposed to specific songs.

And for those of you introducing music and/or instruments from around the world to your children or students, try searching for national anthems and water crystals and see what you come up with – you and your students will be mesmerized!

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