Thanksgiving 2021 Blessings & Miracles – Pt. 1

Thanksgiving 2021: Blessings & Miracles

As I begin writing this it is November 25th – Thanksgiving 2021. Exactly twenty-one days ago my husband’s life and mine took a dramatic turn. Yet I am here to say I am one mighty thankful woman who has witnessed the true majesty and miracles of God everyday for the past two weeks. Some may say it’s ironic that I write this after the Chip Davis post as it has been almost one year since I learned about his use of environmental sounds and music at certain hospitals to help with easing tension and to help with healing.  But I assure you there are no coincidences. For this post is a personal one involving music frequencies and even holistic reiki used for healing. I am quite aware that some Christians will proclaim this goes against what they believe God says. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but as a Christian myself, and as one who has begun to study music frequency and other holistic healings such as reiki, I am telling you that God has told me that I am to share this information with others. I will talk in a later post how the music frequencies can be found directly in the Bible.

He was so unsettled and agitated and I watched as they pumped sedative after sedative into him to try to calm him down. When the sedatives weren’t having an effect, they placed restraints on him. My heart broke but I knew it was what was best at the time. My gentle and kind husband (slow to anger) was now pumped full of sedatives AND tied down with restraints. As afternoon rolled into evening and night, I watched more and more sedatives go into his body. They needed to get him “calm and still enough” to run x-rays and CT scans.  They even intubated to help calm him. Nothing in particular showed up on the tests, but they thought he need to go to a bigger hospital to seek help from a neurologist. My choices – Toledo or Sandusky (in northern Ohio). While others may have chosen the Toledo route, I quickly decided on Sandusky. It was closer to Cleveland area doctors and Chip Davis’ music had been used at places like the Cleveland Clinic. Ironic (yet not) that that thought popped up immediately in my mind.

They moved my husband to Fireland’s Hospital in Sandusky around 2:00AM on November 5th. I wish I could say I was with him or followed him there, but I was ill myself and knew I had to be tested for covid too. Both of my parents had tested positive for covid the day before my husband. While my test also came back as positive, it turns out that what really threw me for a loop was my usual sinus infection/asthma. It went to my lungs. That’s a story for another time but suffice it to say I was not able to see my husband until Sunday November 14th.

They kept him intubated and sedated. Everyday I would call to check on him and I would hear he was “unresponsive.” They were running all sorts of tests on him such as EEG’s to see if he was having seizures and MRI’s to check for strokes, tumors or any other abnormalities.  On Saturday, November 13th I received a call from one of the “hospitalist” doctors who basically told me my husband was pretty much gone. According to her there really “wasn’t much brainwave activity as he wasn’t responding to their commands.” That shook me, as no one else had given me any inclination to this. Even his neurologist was “stumped” at what was going on. Tests revealed no real cause and he mentioned that it could be due to covid. My husband wasn’t experiencing any other of those symptoms, but the neurologist mentioned that they were seeing more “encephalitis” due to covid and perhaps this was what was happening.

I knew otherwise. Some will question, “How did you know?” but all I can say is that  it was the Peace and Knowing from God himself.  There are some things you just know intuitively, and this was one I knew with my entire being. When you know, you know. I was fortunate though that the neurologist didn’t necessarily think what the “hospitalist” did.

I knew the hospitalist was wrong. Some will question, “How did you know?” but all I can say is that it was the inner Peace and Knowing from God Himself.  There are some things you just know intuitively, and this was one I knew with my entire being. When you know, you know. Little did I know or realize at the time the many hurdles my husband’s body was fighting…

Still weak myself and barely able to walk, my mother drove me the 30 plus minutes to the hospital for a 15-minute visitation. That’s all the hospital would allow per the “covid rules.” Even after explain how far away I lived and it took me to get there to see him.  And as I was told by that very same hospitalist who I happened to meet….”if we break the rules for one, we have to break them for all.” Since when? What doctor treats every patient the exact same? What parent treats every child the same? And what teacher treats every student the same? We are uniquely different and a GOOD and CARING medical professional (or human being for that matter) would know and realize that. She (hospitalist) restated her observations and beliefs about him not recovering. I told her that was her medical opinion, but I KNEW he would recover – 100%. And then I saw him for the first time in 2 weeks – for 15 very fast minutes. In that brief time, when he heard my voice, he did barely open those baby blue eyes of his. AND even the neurologist witnessed it. Progress! But this story was far from over, in fact I was just beginning.  Stay tunned as I recount my personal and in-depth dealings with the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G healing powers of music (aka frequency) and reiki energy.

***While this was blog was posted on June 26, 2022 I did indeed write it on Thanksgiving Day 2021. I waited until I quit my teaching job at a Catholic school to post it. This is what God has called me to do and share. I’ve learned and witnessed much since November 2021. I am now a certified Reiki Master teacher and soon will be going for certification in Vibrational Therapy. This is how much I believed and still believe in what I have learned, talked about and witnessed regarding the healing power of music.

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