Thanksgiving 2021 Blessings Continue – Pt. 2

Blessings & Miracles

It was the week of November 15, 2021. I was finally allowed to see my husband, who had been “unresponsive” in the ICU for 2 weeks. I had been told twice that my husband was not going to make it but the very first day I got to see him, talk to him and hold his hand, there was a response.

The rest of that week I witnessed little miracles every day. I decided to put those DNA frequencies I read about and Dr. Emoto’s experiment to practice. I played music with the 528 hz frequency. It’s the frequency connected with nature and God and is considered to be the “miracle” or love frequency – one of transformation. And that’s what I witnessed. The nurses commented on how I (and what I was doing) had a calming effect on him and soon “forgot” I was there. He began to respond to commands – opening his eyes wider, squeezing with his left and then his right and even began to smile at some of my “comments.”

While I saw and felt my husband was slowly coming back to me, I was also beginning to learn more about what else he was going through – kidney, bladder and liver failure. I was driven to read more about the different frequencies and what organs and other physical ailments they addressed. So I played those specific frequencies 24/7 – while I was there with him and while I was at home. I daily checked on his levels to see whether or not they were improving and they were!♡

Little miracles occurred, almost daily……abounding positive changes but very quickly other challenges soon stormed into our world. As if the seizure that led him to the ER and covid weren’t bad enough (plus the vital organs that had been in failure) my husband had other battles now going on inside him. He got the dreaded MRSA. MRSA in his sputum, MRSA in his blood and a staph infection in his urine. He also had pneumonia. All at the same time. How does a person’s body fight all these things raging through their system?! His medical team were pumping my husband with several types of antibiotics and there was little change.  Was there a frequency to fight infection? You bet! I played that one non-step too and he started to respond.

Throughout this ordeal of my husband’s recovery God was never forgotten. While my husband was unresponsive, I was talking to Him and He led me to learning more about frequencies. It was His nudging that prompted me to try them. And all the while we were supported by family, friends and two ministers. I say this because throughout the entire time, I never lost faith nor did I plead or beg God. I talked with Him as well as with Archangel Michael, Raphael and Gabriel. I just knew what the outcome was going to be. Perhaps it was the peace of the Holy Spirit that was with me – even when others were “doubting Thomas’s.”

My time visiting with him was supposedly only to be 15 minutes due to the hospital’s “covid” restrictions in the wing. Up until then I had been graced with way more visitation time as the nurse’s saw the changes in him one day, when I called his nurse in the AM to check on him before visitation hours, I was told I was ONLY to have that short time with him. Apparently, another patient’s family went to the hospital CEO (at least that’s what I was told) complaining that I got to see him for so long when others were deprived. To say I was devastated is an understatement. And for a hot minute I was madder than a hornet.

Everyone I knew was in disbelief at this and even more irate. But I chose to think about what Jesus said regarding the  most important commandment AND I thought about Dr. Emoto’s experiment on the water.  You know….what ugly words do to water verses love and gratitude. And I chose to go in that direction (love and gratitude) with my words, thoughts and actions even when my family and pastors questioned the hospital’s choice. I found myself in their shoes. If that were me, I would be upset too. I was seeing the positive changes and really believe, even to this day, that family was/is one of the most important parts of someone’s recovery.  How could I be mad at that family? I felt for them too. So off I went, driving over 30 minutes (one way) to see my husband for only 15 minutes.

When I arrived, the nursing staff were apologizing profusely for what they had to do. I told them I understood and looked forward to his 20 or 21 day mark being there when I could see him and spend time with him as much as I wanted. So, I tried to explain to my husband how and why my time with him would be short. He wasn’t communicating much (only with eyes and hands) as he was still intubated. However, I knew he understood and so I tried to offer what comfort I could to him and we prayed for all those other patients and their families. And I prayed that one day soon people like the CEO would realize the importance of patients needing their families more than a short 15-minute visit.

The next day, when I arrived, I was prepared for the short, as stated by hospital policy, visit. When his nurse arrived to check on his vitals, I said I knew I was at the end of my visitation time and would leave. Her response? She said, “I don’t see anyone else in here.”  Then she left me. I was overcome and wept, and of course I stayed a little longer (wink wink). We only had 1-2 more days to go before I could officially stary as long as I (or he) wanted. And so it was….

Everything seemed to be going well and then one afternoon when I arrived, I was told he was going in for some testing.  I had just gotten there and wondered how much of our time together would be “eaten up” by them taking him in for more tests.  I was now allowed to stay for the entire time (noon to 8:00PM) but sometimes testing and procedures can take “forever.”

I know this too well. How? As my husband was coming more and more out of his “induced” state, he was tied down (again) to prevent pulling hoses (feeding tube and IV’s) out. Well that particular day he decided to scootch down “just right” and did pull them all out – even while restrained. I had to leave the room for while they “fixed” things. Silly me…I thought it would be only for a short time (15-20 minutes) but it ended up being about and hour and a half later.

Things were going A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, yet again…..but another jog in the road was about to occur.

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