Recovery & Rebirth

One afternoon, when I reached my husband’s room in ICU, I was told they were taking him in for some testing. It did not sound or feel good with what they were saying. He had made so much progress in so little time. He had survived covid, kidney/liver/bladder failure, pneumonia, MRSA in two places (including in his blood) and a staph infection in his urine. He was responding via eye & hand motions and smiles. And just recently, when he “overheard” them mentioning “walking” him to the chair in his room, he started to move his feet in his bed, then lifting his legs on his own. (Apparently, the lower limbs are one of the last to come back so this was yet another amazing thing to witness.) He’d been through all that so now what???!!! Off they went, towing his bed out of the room and I was by myself.

I had recently had a reiki session done on me and thought (even though my husband had been clueless about it) it couldn’t hurt.  Afterall, we had been witnessing miraculous things with alternative and natural sound healing via frequencies. The lady who had done my treatment was out (it was the night before Thanksgiving). The nurses, up to this point, had been very supportive of the sound frequency treatments. One had even worked at the Cleveland Clinic where they had used Chip Davis’s (Mannheim Steamroller) music in the hospital. And did I forget to mention that the beds in the ICU played music?! Another coincidence? I don’t think so because that’s one of the ways our Creator works! Granted there were only three “styles to choose from…. jazz, classical and nature but when I wasn’t there, they were to play the nature soundtrack (and they did). Nature sounds….. 528 hz…..miracle frequency…..God’s frequency. Frequencies, Chip Davis’s music being used in OR’s and other places for therapeutic benefit, Dr. Emoto’s water experiment which involved words and music….There are no coincidences.

While my husband was being tested, I texted a new friend of mine, Amy.  She’s the owner of Soul Sister Healing Arts Studio (where I had my reiki healing done). She herself taught and did tarot card readings and I had been taking a class from her to learn more about the real tarot world – not what I had heard or been taught throughout my life. (More on that another time.) One of the ladies who had been in the class, Mischelle, was also a reiki healer. I didn’t even know her last name then, but I texted Amy and asked if she thought Mischelle would be open to using reiki on my husband. Supposedly it could be done long distance. She asked her and within minutes I was told yes.

After my husband was wheeled back into the room, Mischelle went to work from her own home. While my husband & I were in his ICU room, I played the 528 hz. music – the most important and healing of all frequencies.  I had no idea what Mischelle was doing but what I did see was my sedated husband’s response to it. Not only did I see physical changes in his body and hear it in his breathing, but I witnessed his vitals on the monitor change in front of my eyes! The next few days he improved so much he “left” ICU to the next “drop down” unit right “outside” it.

We heard, said and even deeply felt the words “amazing” and “miraculous”  throughout my husband’s five week stay in the hospital. We were just beginning to understand the truly miraculous abilities of natural healing methods via reiki and sound. The journey continues to this day. Since then, I’ve met what I call my “soul tribe” and some of the best, warmest and most caring friends in the world. My husband, who had even more struggles to overcome, has FULLY recovered! And I ….I finally listened to what our Creator had been telling me for about 2 years…..I left the teaching field. Well not really….I left my teaching position where I had been for over 20 years, teaching students K-8.

Now I am a certified vibrational sound Practioner (using energy and body tuners that are special tuning forks), sound healer (love my quartz crystal singing bowls, pyramids and Koshi chimes) and a Reiki Master Teacher (thanks to Mischelle). I am teaching others (of all ages) about these amazing healing modalities at Soul Sister Healing Arts Studio . And as for my husband? He continues to thrive and asks for tune-up sessions every week. Truly blessed!!!

If you’re ever in the Woodville, OH area, stop in at Soul Sister Healing Arts Studio . I can be found there most Saturdays (from noon-5) and by other scheduled appointment times. And did I forget to mention….I’ll let you try and experience, for FREE, a 10-15 minute “tuning session.”

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