The First Anniversary – A Year of Awakening

The First Anniversary -Awakening

A few days ago marked the first “anniversary” of my husband being admitted to the hospital for what ended up being months of learning and recovery for not only both of us but many others as well. About a week from now another “milestone” will also occur – that which marks when a hospitalist at Firelands Hospital in Sandusky, OH told me my husband “wouldn’t make it.”  My reply to her was she was wrong and I declare to the world today she WAS indeed wrong.

I have learned many things over this past year.  First my heart, just like The Grinch’s, grew three sizes in love for my husband.  Second, traditional medical “science” doesn’t always know or have all the answers.  In my humble opinion and experience, sometimes “they” can be flat out wrong. Third, there’s way more out there when it comes to our health (physically, mentally and spiritually). Fourth, the mind (and the spirit too) has to be open to such capabilities; and fifth, the heart (LOVE) plays an almighty important role in any healing.  I’ll leave out (for now) about my lessons regarding religion and faith for another time but will say that the Great Creator was with me through every step of the journey.

Perhaps I should really call this past year an “awakening” as I began to intensely research, read, learn and apply the power of sound healing via frequencies. I also learned the power of Reiki energy.  Sound healing (and reiki too) made a huge impact on my husband’s recovery. If you’ve read some of my earlier posts you know some of what “we” went through.

Our bodies, minds & spirit are naturally inclined to be in harmony. This is how we are intended to be…in-tune. But when “disharmony” enters your life -whether physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally or a combination – that dissonance manifests into illness and disease.

Many of you, like I,  may be experiencing shorter daylight hours and colder temperatures. As cold/flu season starts to impact you, friends and family members remember the quote in the image above. If you are open to the possibilities, sound healers can help you to keep your energy channels flowing freely and in harmony. Find one near you to experience the amazing feeling a “tuning” session provide. At the very least you will feel as calm and relaxed – like after a massage! But the benefits of a sound healing session can go beyond that in my opinion because sounds/frequencies work at a cellular level. My husband is proof of that!

You can spend as little as 15 minutes or even up to an hour for a session depending on what techniques/modes you choose. As a music teacher I know this tends to be a busy and hectic time of the year. Make time for yourself – time for peace and calm…each day. Even if it’s only 10 minutes listening to calming music, reading a book, relaxing in a bath, etc. It’s preventive maintenance but … for yourself rather than for your car, apartment or home. You ARE worth it! You know it deep inside and so do!

I’ll leave you with what I think is the most amazing solfeggio frequency – 528 hz. It’s the “mi” in our scale and many consider it to be the miracle frequency. I played various versions of 528 hz “music” for my husband while he was in the ICU. I played them “in-person” and long distance. I leave it here for you with the intention you also feel the power and healing it can provide.

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