Raise Your Vibration – Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Raise Your Vibration

Einstein taught us that everything is vibration. That means everyone around you, every place and every “thing” has energy, and their energy can affect YOU and YOUR health. That is one of the reasons it is so important to “raise your vibration.”

To help convince you that everything is energy think about this… Have you ever been near someone or someplace and felt a positive, warm or fuzzy feeling/vibe? Maybe, by someone just entering the room, the entire room seemed to “light up.” Perhaps those feelings went the other way, and you just “knew” that the place was not a good safe place, or the person gave you the heebie-jeebies. The hair on the back of your neck stood up and/or you knew you had to get away… Now. You “read” or felt that energy.

Everything vibrates at a different rate. In our human bodies this happen in the nano-level of our cells. Your body functions and even your cells are affected by the electromagnetic waves that are created by the vibrations. 

When your vibrations are at a higher level you may feel at peace, lighter, happier, positive and/or more tolerant of others. When your vibrations are at a lower level you will feel the exact opposite – anxious, confused, sad, stressed, angry, short-tempered, etc. Life happens though and so we all deal with high and low vibrational energy. Learning to recognize it and what to do can literally be a life changer for you.


One of the best ways to raise or maintain a high level (if you’re already vibing higher) is to work on deep “belly” breathing. Slow. Deep. Breaths. Think meditation, yoga. It calms you sound healing, reiki They can help lower your stress level and even your blood pressure. 

Smudging or cleansing is another great way. You can do this lots of ways such as burning herbs (like sage or palo santo), using bells or instruments that play certain frequencies like 528 or 432 hz. You can smudge/cleanse yourself, a room, object, outdoor space, etc.

Water and/or salt can also be used. Black salt can banish negative energy and is great in corners and windowsills. You could even wear some in a small vial, locket or in a necklace. Dead sea salt, pink Himalayan salt and even Epsom salt (if you have nothing else) can be used. Soak in a bath with one of the salts an/or make a salt scrub and rub it over your body. As you take a bath/shower visualize the water going down over you like a waterfall and washing all that lower energy off and away. I do these daily – sometimes more than once a day.

There are lots of other ways to also raise your vibration. Crystals and essential oils can also be helpful and if you’re lucky enough to find yourself a crystal bracelet with a lava rock you hit the jackpot. You can place a drop or two of an essential oil on that lava rock and have double the power of cleansing and raising your vibe. Foods and hobbies can raise or lower your vibrational level. Healthy foods – especially fresh organic fruits & vegetables help to raise your vibes while processed foods lower them. Walking (especially taking the time to enjoy the ambience of nature), gardening, reading a book, being in the sunshine, and even taking a nap can raise your vibe. Being inside and/or around electronic devices (phones, tablets, gaming devices, computers) lowers your vibe.

I always say, “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” My “tribe” may not always agree with me and that’s okay, but they love and support me.  If you want to manifest positive things in your life you need to vibrate at a higher level to attract it and make it happen. And when you find yourself slipping or making a mistake, cut yourself some slack and forgive yourself.  That helps to raise your vibe too.  You’ve got this. I know it and you know it … deep inside. Sending you lots of Love and Light on your journey!!!



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