Your Frequency – Time to Change?

Your Frequency -Time to Change?

Last time I talked about raising your frequency. Today I feel called to help a little more with that.  Let’s begin with the following meme. Read it. And as it says….read it S-L-O-W-L-Y.

Which one resonated with you, right now? Are you experiencing emotions of shame, doubt, guilt and/or fear OR love, joy, peace and/or abundance??? You need to turn off that voice inside you that says you are not worthy because you ARE!  As we enter the final month of “fall” in the U.S. I am reminded of this beautiful meme. Perhaps you need to shed some or even all of these beleafs (aka beliefs).  Let them go!

It’s time to change that cycle of negative thinking and beliefs. We all carry baggage – from this life and previous ones as well. Choose love and begin to love yourself I’m not saying it will be easy but you are worth it so find that time and effort! 

Part of that change and breaking the cycle is forgiveness. Adopt the way of thinking as mentioned in the above meme. You were given free will so decide to turn the “bad” into “good.”  I believe I mentioned in an earlier post, this was exactly how and why I became a music teacher…..My band director taught me for eight years (grades 5-12). He had “favorites” and I felt “ignored, invisible, unworthy and had little talent.”  He never said that but that’s how I felt. I loved music and thankfully he was never able to take that away from me. Instead….shy me decided to become a music teacher. And I vowed that no student of mine should or would feel that way.  I hope that’s how my students felt because I tried to treat and love each one as my own child.

As the days (and daylight) grow shorter go within. Reflect on your situation. How could it be better and what choices could you make to change it? Get back into harmony with yourself and the Universe. Tune in and tap into and tune the frequency and energy type you want to be. And for those of you already feeling and experiencing that peace, love joy and/or abundance – congratulations! Continue your path and share your knowledge with those around you. Sending Love and Light (and both 432 hz and 528 hz frequencies) to all who read this!


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