Winter Solstice – Dark to Light

Winter Solstice

I don’t know about you and where you live but here in northwest Ohio (U.S.A.) it’s really starting to get cold. One week from today it will be Christmas and this week at the studio we will celebrate and honor the winter solstice (and the beginning of the yule season) with a drum circle and sound bath (via crystal singing bowls). I have always loved this time of year – there’s just that special feeling that permeates everything. I realize not everyone may feel that way, but I hope by the end of this post you will too.

Even through all the blustery chill, I experienced joy.  I have affirmations and mantras I say for each energy center.  I talk to my tree friends (fourteen of them have revealed their names to me so far). I watched an adorable black cat foraging in the back field and heard and saw some gorgeous cardinals (one of my favorite birds).  And as always, I connect with guides. I listened and felt my own sound bath via Mother Nature – one of the VERY best symphonies that is and will be written!

Nature sounds are very healing. For the past 3 years I have read about this, seen with my own eyes & ears the power in it and learned even more about it in my research and learning to become a sound healer.  And although it was blustery and cold it was exhilarating, joyful and uplifting. 

With my sound baths, nature sounds are an integral part. They are in and of the 432 hz frequency – that of the Golden Age (which we are about to enter). In an earlier post I talked about how vital nature sounds were regarding the healing of my husband a year ago. Thank goodness the bed in ICU played those nature sounds! I also shared a video of an interview with Chip Davis (from Mannheim Steamroller) where he discussed the nature sounds he used in his songs were more important than his music.

This Wednesday, we will partake in a guided mediation to start us on our winter solstice journey. We will be going inward, reflecting on this past year, looking forward to longer days of daylight and making plans for the upcoming year. My hope and intent are that those who attend begin their individual healing journey – not just for the winter days/nights but for the rest of their lives.

Because we say goodbye to the darkness and welcome the light of the Sun, I am reminded that not everyone feels the same way I do during this time of the year.  While it’s normal to reflect on those we have lost, our struggles and challenges (personally, financially, physically, spiritually, etc.) we must not let it consume us.

I’ve experienced many of the same struggles you have or are facing. I’ve seen true evil. I’m here to tell you it will NOT last. If you are religious pray. If you’re spiritual or want to learn how to be, go within. Learn to love yourself – just as you are. See and believe how amazing our Creator and I think you are.  Learn how to ground yourself. Below are a few suggestions.

I will also remind you how powerful the 528 hz (the miracle & transformation frequency) and 432 hz (the frequency of nature and the Golden Age) frequencies are. Below are some holiday videos in those frequencies. Search the internet and your favorite listening apps for these frequencies. Play them in the car, play them while doing chores, while at work, while taking a nap, etc. They are not only beautiful but powerful! 

Know that the Universe, Mother Earth, Father Sky, our Creator and I all believe in you and love you. I even infused this post (while writing it) with the 528 hz frequency. Wishing you and yours a very beautiful winter solstice and Merry Christmas!


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