Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius

For those who follow and/or love astrology, the Age of Aquarius began at the end of December 2020. You can read more about this here.

Ice, Ice Baby

Ice, Ice Baby

With a compromised immune system, I was also susceptible to sinus infections. A lot! At least two required CT scans at the ER. The pain

The Sound of Silence: A Voice Lost

The Sound of Silence

For the past 20 years or so I have had really bad allergies.  My allergies affected me all year long but fall and winter were

Another Day in Paradise

Another Day in Paradise

My second teaching job was at an inner-city middle school. It was a “magnet school” for law, health and education and in addition to teaching

Teaching the Teacher

Winning Awards Teaches the Teacher

I’ve taught at a)public and private schools, b)in inner city, rural and suburban areas and  c)from K-12 grades. Sometimes, being a music teacher, can feel

When Lightning Strikes: My Friend Jay Part 2

My Friend Jay Pt. 2

I’ve been discussing the two main reasons I decided to become a music teacher. I started to share with you the story of my first

When Lightning Strikes: My Friend Jay

My Friend Jay Pt.1

Last time I shared with you one of the main reasons I became a music teacher. But the other major and true reason involved a

Music’s Special Powers: Lesson From My Band Director

A Lesson From My Band Director

New teachers at our school are always interviewed for an article in our school “newspaper.” And I’m sure, like many of yours, the new teacher


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